Soffit & Fascia"A home can breathe maintenance free"

At Apply Contracting Ltd. we understand the importance of properly ventilating your home to prevent expensive repairs due to damage from poor ventilation. Adding proper soffit ventilation along with proper roof vents, can increase comfort, reduce energy costs and decrease repair costs.

Installing aluminum soffits and fascia will give your home a new, distinctive look and there are many colours to choose from. You will never need to replace them because they can not rust or rot away. They're the perfect way to keep your home maintenance free and you'll never paint again. By providing the proper ventilation your home can breathe. Visit our supplier for more product information. Gentek

10yr Workmanship Warranty

Tip: When choosing a contractor to install your new soffit & fascia, be sure they understand the concept of proper ventilation of your home. Every home is different and properly ventilating yours will save you money, and increase your living comfort.

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