Eavestroughs and Leafguards"Maintenance Free the Four Seasons"

Do you have problems with your eavestroughs not draining fast enough because of lack of downspouts? Maybe poor downspout locations or your eavestroughs keep pulling away from your fascia? Whatever the case, maybe we can help. Apply Contracting Ltd. can help by installing new 5” or 6” seamless eavestroughs, plus small or large downspouts, depending on your situation. All of the products we use are aluminum which will never rust through, or needs constant repairs. We hang our eavestroughs with brackets and screws which keeps them from pulling away from your fascia and we install our downspouts with pre-screws and aluminum straps secured to your home. Visit our supplier for more product information: Gentek

Are you tired of cleaning out your eavestrough or paying someone to every spring and fall? If so, Apply Contracting Ltd. can help by installing an Alu-Rex leaf guard product to solve your problems, helping you save money and time. The Alu-Rex leaf guard can be installed either with new eavestrough or on existing eavestrough. Visit the manufacturer’s web site to learn about this product at Alu-Rex

10yr Workmanship Warranty

Tip: When choosing a contractor to install your new eavestrough on your home, remember this: when water freezes, it will expand and want to pull your eavestrough apart. So make sure screws are being used to hang your eavestrough not nails. Have screws holding your corners together, and on every downspout joint. This will give you a longlasting eavestrough with no need for constant repairs.

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